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Chronology of mystical figures

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(to be translated) It provides access to many figures who are all individualized entries (about 250).
It opens its table of contents, many links that provide easy navigation.
This is an opening on the testimony we have received from various cultures and not just selected within Christianity.
For the present time the available translation (by "Click button...") is limited to the beginning of a too long ribbon.

English texts

For exemple see these texts from XIVe, XVIIe, XXe centuries : Cloud of unknowingScougalCommunion in the Messiah

Texts to be translated

See three texts :  Noces spirituelles from Ruusbroec (XIVe century) adapted by J.A.Bizet Noces de Ruusbroec ; Les Torrents from madame Guyon Les Torrents de madame Guyon ; selected writings of her mystical director monsieur Bertot (XVIIe century) Un choix de monsieur Bertot

Une introduction aux mystiques chrétiens

Expériences mystiques I  This is the first half of Expériences mystiques en occident I. Des Origines à la Renaissance available at the éditions "Les deux Océans" (See "Nos LIVRES" [our BOOKS"]).

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